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Sargent, a fifth-generation granddaughter of Brigham Young, tells the complex story of her family ties to Mormonism, polygamy, and the state of Utah. Incorporating textual research, personal narrative, video and movement, “Legacy” is a true tale of fantastical proportions in which Sargent asks, “what is the significance of being related to Brigham Young?” Read more about the production here.

The Hitherto Unknown

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A production of theater company Observational Science. In this two-woman show, co-written by Sargent, a mysteriously linked pair of young women (a librarian and a barista) find their daily lives pre-empted by a strange maritime melodrama that plays out in a parallel reality of the ancient past.

Celebrate Idaho With Us

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In this solo performance, Sargent maps creativity, walking the audience through the process from conception to execution of a single idea.


Inspired by the film by Carl Dreyer, Sargent strips the narrative down to movement and props alone, “telling” the story without text.

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